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i'm back to my old blog


I "escaped" that blog  because there were too many unfinished posts that makes me feel guilty. I thought I wanted to start anew. I was hoping I'll make the most in this new blog. BUT.....

Old lover is really my lover. Hahaha. So, this was actually my mistress blog. We had good times and I do enjoyed every minute of it. Young, fresh and I couldn't stop making one entry only in a day. But those were the times. I'll still visit this blog, you know, for old times' sake.

dear blog

i am so sorry for not, well, blogging lately.

i need to finish my House marathon. It's a medical drama. I love it. I will update real soon.

not really. Does coffee tell the "you"? I am not sure. This is my sister (Le Nette)  and she used her camphone for this one. Thanks for the timer settings. LMAO!             

secret love, not

I am not in love. Not this so soon. But I have this person who I loathe for some time and I impulsively gave him a try. He was surprised. Who wouldn't. It all started with indifference turned to hate and now we are in a sort of confusing relationship. I am sure it will go through the process of awkwardness and embarrassment . Maybe we will get familiar with each other soon and then we will get comfy with each other. After that, we will share our view in life. I will talk and he will listen. He talks and I listen. It comes with doing things comfortably with each other. We will hug and kiss and probably make love. After that, we are strangers again, indifferent with each other. It's just  a try, after all. 

photo credits: http://www.worldart.com.au/images/


From one of  the segment ( mostly a husband and wife contest) in the longest running noon time show in the Philippines, Eat Bulaga.

Host: Misis, ano nilalagay ni mister sa itlog nya tuwing umaga.  (Mrs., What does your husband put in his eggs every morning?)

Misis: *nag-isp* Johnson's Bebe Powder!!! (*thinking* Johnson's Baby Powder!!!!)


It is supposed to be funny and if you don't get it , don't worry I'm going to tell you. When the host asked about eggs, he meant the kind of eggs that the hen lays. The one that you fry, boil or scramble. The contestant on the other hand was thinking of testis. The kind of eggs that hang in between a man's thigh. I bet the couple's neigbors are making fun of the information that the husband sprinkles Johnson's baby powder on his tetsis every morning. Talking about too much information.

I am blogging about eggs because I have a lack of life and every random thing just goes in and out of my mind. I just remembered writing about eggs two years ago in a boring Nursing major class.

I like to ask random people about their eggs (the kind that you cook, mind you). "How do you like your eggs in the morning?" I would ask, just out of the blue. As expected, I will always get the "sunny side up" for an answer.  Sunny side up, after all is convenient. I like to hear some different answers though. A  friend's husband likes his eggs (the kind that you cook, ok, I'll stop trying to push it too much LOL) to be crack open and scramble on a heating pan. Can you picture that? My elder sister likes her eggs kind of crispy. I don't like that and mom cooks the egss usually that way. The kind that the edges are really brown and the yolk is as solid as as a rock (exxageration). I don't like it also when there's too much rock salt in my sunny side up. It's not the salt taste but I just find it irritating.

When I was in my first year high we were asked by our home economics teaher to make a sunny side up. The perfect score is 5. Guess what was my score. Five, of course! hahaha! Almost everyone got it perfect but Julius. Ivan put too much rock salt on the yolk deforming the what supposed to be a five points worthy sunny side up. But he was cool about it. Julius is cool. He likes Battle Royale and reads deardiarya. Yeah, coolness meter is about that.

I dislike eating eggs alone as viand. It HAS/HAVE to go with something else. Sausage, corned beef, hotdogs or any sodium-high food. I skip breakfast if I find out that the viand is egg, alone.

Enough about me and the eggs.

What about you, how do you like your eggs?

A photo of my "perfect sunny side up" I made last June 26, 2008 for dinner. It's bottom is solid and the top part is "malasado". The yolk is just perfect.


Actually, the whole blog entry is just to flaunt my "prito skills". =)


Junkiee Munkiee

I think I'm turning into a junkie lately. I sleep whenvever I want to and wake up whenever I want to. I do chores I prefer to do but mostly I 
amwith these junkie paraphernalia. A photo I took inside my bedroom.


It's 4:39 AM and I aw still wide awake. I'm listening to some eheads song in a friend's playlist (courtesy of friendster). I watched Fight Club and I feel like I am the narrator or maybe Tyler because we have something in common: we can't sleep at night time. I was watching Battle Royale 1 and I did not finished it yet because I can't. Its full of gore ( I read the review). I YMed Joe and asked her if we can watch it together. She said ok. She added that Mikko told her it's a nice gire. What?! Hahaha. Since, I don't have a job and I'm ever procrastinating about my post-grad  paper works, I'll make a list of movies to watch here.

Little Miss Sunshine
Kung Fu Panda
Animal Farm ( Vince told me there is a movie. I read the book but let's try it on the LCD)
The Terminal

F*ck, my brain's not working and my bed room is freezing. Smell ya later. Give me some suggestions.

Beautiful Ruins

I want to share this photo of The Ruins. It's obviously the ruins of what was once a beautiful mansion. It was burned down for reason that they (Filipinos, maybe) don't want the Japanese to make it as their safe house. It happened during he World War II. My younger sister told me that it will be made into a bar or restaurant soon. I don't know how true. I've been there maybe once on a grade school field trip. I want to go there again. It's in Talisay City, 30 minutes away from Bacolod City. It's a famous subject for local photographers. I got the photo from Daryl Jimenea, with consent of course. He's a friend and his works are undeniably awesome. His site: http://neofolio.blogspot.com



stranger than fiction

I'm watching it right now but it is taking gazillion years for it to upload. Last night or should I say early morning yesterday (around 3AM) I was watching Amelie. It is so fantabulous (fantastic + fabulous). I was not able to finished watching it though because I have to leave my house early because Lix and I are supposed to meet for a breakfast at McDonald's. I did not sleep last night for reasons I don't know. I was just hyper and it must be the juice or the Mt. Dew or whatever! We waited for Joe (Johanna) because we were supposed to go to SSS. She was not texting us back so Lix and I went to Bob's Cafe in La Salle courtyard. We had our desserts there. Joe arrived. We talked about their job in Convergys. Bobs (courtyard) is not a wifi zone as told by the barista but hell yeah, Lix stole some wi-fi signal (I don't know how you call it, I'm no techie) and so we were able to access the internet. We camwhored a bit. Lix called up Stan and Bel and we planned to meet up at Cafe Bob's in Lacson. Joe and I went to SSS and went to Bobs Lacson after. We had a late lunch. I had charbroiled burger but I was wanting the giant burger which is only available in Bob's (not the cafe). Whatevssss! We camwhored a bit again. Maak arrived. There were six of us already. Lix installed CA Security Center in my notebook but I don't know what the hell is it. Joe is coming for lunch tomorrow so I might figure it out as well. Darn, I feel so undeserving for this notebook because I don't even know how to use it like 100%. Oh, there's always a room for improvement.

Here are some random photos we had. I might add some more soon.

By the way we went ukay shopping (Joe,Maak and me) and I bought a bag. It's white and blue. I'll post a photo soon. Joe bought a pair of adorable hi-cut boots for Teo and I can't wait to see Teo on it. Maak bought this pumps and she felt awkward because it has a 2 inches or maybe add another half inch heel to that. I swear it loos good on her because she was wearing white pants and striped black and grey shirt. Maybe I'll ask her to take a photo of that so I can post it here as well.